Currently, we support Python 2.7 and Python 3.6 for both 32 bit and 64 bit architecture. Python by default comes with package manager. Follow the steps below to install pySBOL. If you have Windows, and would like to try our Windows binary installers, check Using Installer for Windows section.

Using Pip

pySBOL is available for Windows and Mac OSX via PyPI, which is the simplest method to obtain pySBOL. To install pySBOL using pip, run following line on console:

pip install pysbol

If you encounter permission errors on Mac OSX, you may install pysbol to your user site-packages directory as follows:

pip install pysbol --user

Or alternatively, you may install as a super-user:

sudo -H pip install pysbol

To update pySBOL using pip, run:

pip install -U pysbol

Using Python

1 - Download the source code of latest release here and extract it. If you would like to try out our latest snapshot, use git and type following command in the console or terminal which will clone the source under pysbol folder.

git clone

2 - Open your console or terminal. Go to package’s root directory and Run the installer script by using the following command line. This will install pySBOL2 to the Python release associated with the console or terminal you are using.

python install

If you are having problems, make sure your console/terminal is associated with the right Python environment you wish to use.

3 - Test the pySBOL by importing it in Python.

import sbol

If you have trouble importing the module with the setup script, check to see if there are multiple Python installations on your machine and also check the output of the setup script to see which version of Python is the install target. You can also test the module locally from inside the Mac_OSX/sbol or Win_32/sbol folders.

Using Installer for Windows

We provide binary installers for Windows users only. Simply download the installers and execute it to install it. Installer will look for your local Python distributions.

Be sure to use the installers with the same Python version and architecture with the one installed in your local machine!

For Linux Users

Currently, Linux users should build pySBOL from source through libSBOL. Go to libSBOL installation page and follow the instructions for Debian/Ubuntu.